Introducing xPass
– our flexible RFID event platform 

Our custom RFID event solutions allow for frictionless engagement at events, festivals, conferences – anywhere you want real-time data on the actions of your guests. Whether you have 100 or 10,000 attendees, xPass has no minimums and is scalable to fit your needs.

Quickly register and sync guests to RFID wristbands, badges and other embedded products through our xPass software, then track their participation throughout the event with wireless tap stations. With just a tap, easily capture data at each station for contesting, marketing opt-in, or admission! 

Beyond registration and basic data capture, our tap stations could control access to specific areas, offer cashless payments to speed up lines, and add a layer of interactivity by connecting RFID wearables to social platforms, machines, games and more. If they can tap it, we can track it.



Whether using our registration system or other common event platforms, xPass’ admin dashboard lets you sync attendee data to your branded RFID wearables.

You can define areas they can access, and see full reports on locations visited and how long they were there. Just check in, tap to sync, and go!



With xPass, you can:

  • control admissions & access to special areas/events

  • offer seamless photo ops & social sharing

  • provide food & beverage tickets

  • capture contest entries or opt-ins or play games

  • personalize environments and experiences

and so much more – all with just a tap.

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 12.35.09 PM.png


Access real-time engagement data through the xPass reporting dashboard.

We work with you to set up stations in key locations & create experiences to help drive engagement based on your event objectives.